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Healing takes a long time. It’s frustrating. It’s painful. It’s annoying. And I can’t sleep well. I’m not sure I’ve slept more than 90 minutes at once in the 3 weeks since breaking my humerus.

I’ve gotten past the “keep my shoulder immobilized for 2 weeks” phase, which means I’ve been wearing my sling less during the day (and sleeping without it when possible). But my arm will start aching so I’ll put it back on. I try to get the shoulder moving easily, pendulum swings, shoulder shrugs, no weight bicep curls, squeezing a tennis ball to strengthen my forearm, and random rotations of the fingers, hand, wrist and elbow to keep those joints moving.

I was prescribed hydrocodon in the ER, which is a Vicodin alternative. Apparently I was to take 1-2 pills every 6 hrs. There were 30 pills in the bottle. I’m not really into pills, and after 3 weeks I still have 2 left. Mainly I’ve been using them at night to alleviate the pain so I can sleep (which is attempted while sitting up – something I am not good at). I occassionaly have dreams about riding a bike :)

Last week (after 2 weeks of healing) I started riding a road bike on the trainer. Basically sitting up with my arm in a sling. Started with 15 mins, then 30… during the week I had trouble sleeping so I didn’t ride… I started again this past weekend and had a 1hr 15min ride on Saturday. Up to 4 hrs total so far. I’ll keep at that since I can at least ride… I hope to increase volume through the rest of July, until I’m back to my normal volume if not higher, since I can’t run. I’m hoping to start jogging a bit in another 3 weeks, while biking is fun, biking while sitting upright on a trainer is not so great.

Since I can’t voluntarily lift my arm more than 4-8 inches away from my body, I won’t be swimming any time soon still. Till then, I’ll keep healing and trying to get that mobility back.



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