Ironman Arizona Looms

November 12th, 2012 by Patrik Leave a reply »

The final week before my first Ironman is upon me. While its been nice to ease up the training this final 2 weeks, the nerves are kicking into high gear. Also, every ache, twitch, scratchy throat have me wondering if a cold or injury are coming on. The Santa Ana winds aren’t helping, as they sweep through with all the mold, pollen and dust they’ve picked up along the way.

Questions run through my head. Am I ready? Do I have everything? Will I change from bike kit to run gear giving up a few minutes of transition for comfort on the bike and run?

I have never swam 2.4 miles. I have never cycled 112 miles. I have never ran a marathon. Sunday 11/18/2012 I will attempt all 3. Back to back to back.

My training was offset this summer with a broken arm and the subsequent weeks of physical therapy regaining motion and strength in my shoulder. But I have prepared best I could and had a good base beforehand. I look forward to the challenge. And to Thanksgiving afterwards.




  1. Lisa B. Wilson says:

    You didn’t just do it…you rocked it!
    I am so happy for you Patrik!
    Now I may just have to learn how to swim :)

  2. Patrik says:

    Thanks! Swimming isn’t so bad. Even a bad swimmer like me only loses about 15-20 minutes in this race :)

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